A Woman’s Place - Is in an Office in Sweden

By Stine Holmgaard, COO & Partner at Native Advertising Institute
Jun 20, 2018

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By Stine Holmgaard
COO & Partner at Native Advertising Institute
Copenhagen, Denmark

“I am proud to declare that Stockholm is a woman’s place” says the mayor of the Swedish capital, Karin Wanngård.

Invest Stockholm, the official investment promotion agency of Stockholm, used Wanngård’s quote to reinforce the message of their new campaign “A Woman’s Place”. They teamed up with The Local, an English-language digital news publisher, in the effort to attract more female talent to Stockholm and promote the city as the place to be if you are a woman looking to shatter some glass ceilings.

Following the peak period of the #MeToo campaign, Invest Stockholm approached The Local to work out a concept to raise awareness of the city’s excellent reputation for gender equality. They call the result “an initiative”, rather than a campaign.


With its five principles, which are supported by content such as articles and a podcast, and activities in the shape of free seminars, the “A Woman’s Place” initiative is an excellent example of native ads seamlessly fusioning with social, cultural, and political projects. “A Woman’s Place” is in big Swedish companies such as Spotify, King, Klarna, iZettle, and many more.

Though we are not a part of the initiative, the ambition behind “A Woman’s Place” truly resonates with us here at the Institute. This is why it’s NAIs Pick of the Week.

To read more about the “A Woman’s Place” initiative, click here.


Story by Stine Holmgaard

Apart from running NAI, Stine also spearheads the Native Advertising DAYS conference which she initiated in 2015, back when native advertising was merely a buzzword and dedicated budgets for native advertising were nothing but a soft whisper in the marketing industry. It’s safe to say, that the whisper has changed to a roar since then. In 2016, Stine launched the Native Advertising Awards program, a program that has grown to become the premier global acknowledgment for publishers and advertisers within the native advertising. Prior to her role at the Native Advertising Institute, she worked as Head of Events at Brand Movers, the leading content marketing agency in Denmark. Here, she ran the Clever Content Conference, Scandinavia’s biggest conference on content marketing.

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