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Using Facebook To Attract Talent: An Award-Winning Example

Mar 28, 2019

Social media has become a must-have in native advertising. When publishers and brands take a thoughtful approach to Facebook and other such social media, rather than considering it an essential afterthought, the results can be amazing.

Such was the case for N365 Group and USKA with the campaign 'World's Most Important Job,' which won them an award for Best use of Facebook at the Native Advertising Awards 2018. We've got the details for you below:


Award: Best Use of Facebook
Campaign: World’s Most Important Job
Publisher/Agency: N365 Group
Brand: USKA
Country: Sweden


USKA, a matching service for basic healthcare professionals and employers, wanted to generate 1000 new candidates in six weeks. They teamed up with N365 Group, who created a native advertising campaign on Facebook. The campaign led to 1559 new candidates signing up.


USKA is a Swedish matching service for basic healthcare professionals and employers. The objective of the campaign ‘World’s Most Important Job’ was to spread awareness about USKA but mainly to collect a bank of candidates within the health care business.

USKA wants to make it easier for nurses and care assistants to find employment, and at the same time help hospitals and nursing homes find their perfect candidates. They want to be the number one matchmaking site in Sweden when it comes to hiring within the caretaking industry.

N365 Group wanted to:

  • Hit the relevant target group
  • Attract them
  • Generate 1000 leads (candidates) in six weeks
  • Total budget: 100,000 SEK (€10,000)

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 10.45.40

To establish a recruitment bank of competent nurses and assistants who are looking for new employment. The client was conversion driven and wanted N365 Group to collect a certain amount of new candidates.

Even though the main focus was on conversion, the client also wanted N365 Group to spread awareness about as a brand and inform the target group about their key values and why they stand out amongst other similar services. The main KPI was 1000 candidates in 6 weeks.

Target audience

Nurses and care assistants in Gothenburg, Sweden (a city of 570,000 people).

Strategic approach

Why should nurses and care assistants choose a recruitment service? And why USKA? What is it? Who is it good for? What are the benefits? It was quite obvious to N365 and USKA that native advertising might be the way to go.

N365 has previously proven for a lot of clients that native can generate instant results in terms of hard KPIs – while building the brand, inspiring and educating at the same time. Therefore, they decided to launch a native advertising campaign on Facebook. N365 created a landing page filled with relevant content that the N365 team produced.

To get the best possible result, N365 used data-driven optimization and adjusted the content according to what the numbers showed in terms of what type of articles and ads were performing best. By choosing to use social media and Facebook Business Manager, N365 had the possibility to reach a specific target group within the healthcare industry, in a highly cost-effective way.

Creative idea

The idea of using native advertising was to be able to create a more interesting take on the service that USKA provides which N365 believed could reach out to and get the attention of the target group in a way that normal PR can’t.

By creating a mix of native articles on their site, N365 was able to present information about the client, their key values, and share stories about people they had already helped in an easy to grasp format. This combination of both informative and case articles has helped N365 to increase the credibility of the service that USKA provides by showing how they already helped others – and how they could do the same for you.

Size of the team



Social media such as Facebook and Instagram y Relevant content displayed on a campaign site with outbound links to the client's signup page.

Content distribution and promotion efforts

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram, plus organic reach via shares, likes, and comments. Throughout the campaign, N365 has worked with data-driven optimization. They started off targeting a broad audience to see what works in terms of conversion. Then, by analysing the results and optimizing towards what performs the best, N365 has been able to improve and maximize the outcome. During the six weeks, the campaign managed to collect almost 1600 candidates within the health care industry who were looking to find their perfect employment with the job-matchmaking service of


The dream goal of the client was to get 1000 new applicants. The campaign successfully led to recruiting 1559 new candidates, which means that the campaign exceeded their dream goal by over 550 applicants.

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 10.45.50Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 10.46.16

Hard KPI:

1559 leads (candidates)

Soft KPI:

  • CTR: 4.08%
  • Active reading time: 50 seconds
  • % of visitors reading more than one article: 14
  • % of visitors clicking through to USKA: 32%

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Story by Jenna Mescon

Jenna Mescon is a former editor at Native Advertising Institute who is now a campaign and content lead at Novo Nordisk.

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