#NativeAdSecrets: Make People Understand the Value

Jan 5, 2017

What is the secret to good native advertising? What is the biggest challenge for native advertising? What is the future of native advertising?

We asked for short answers to though questions and Brandon Keenen, Senior Director at BuzzFeed EMEA, accepted the challenge for our series of short but sharp #NativeAdSecrets

He already shared how you to make native advertising go viral in case that's on your mind...


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The secret to good native advertising...
"The secret to native advertising is being authentic and making sure that great content gets to people where they are."

The biggest challenge for native advertising...
"The biggest challenge in native advertising is really making sure that people understand the metrics and understand the value - moving away from traditional online metrics and understanding that this is the way that people and consumers want to engage and this is a way that builds better lifetime value for your brand."

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The future of native advertising... 
"The future of native advertising is going to be a fascinating ride. I think you're going to look at a blend of all mediums across television, movies, digital - everything and it's going to be a big understanding of how we communicate and how we make sure that brands are treating their consumers with respect, but making sure that we still have the ability to get in front of those consumers. So I think it'll be a blurred line across everything which will be the future of native advertising."

What’s the deal with #NativeAdSecrets?
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