Top 10 great native advertising thought leaders to follow on Twitter

By Stine F. Mathiasen, Head of Content & Creative at Benjamin_Creative
Aug 4, 2015

Maybe you are working with native advertising on a regular basis. Or maybe you are just curious about the latest trends. Either way, a great and easy place to start if you want to be updated on all the latest news and knowledge is on Twitter. There is a lot of interesting, entertaining and surprising, Tweets about native advertising on Twitter everyday. You just have to find the right people to follow.

Of course, we would never mention ourselves at @NativeInstitute, because that would just be tasteless self-promotion ... But instead, we would love to share 10 of our favorite native advertising thought leaders on Twitter with you. Hook up with these people and you will never fall short in discussions about the latest news and trends in the native advertising discipline.

Not all their Tweets are about native advertising, but it is enough to keep us interested. So take a look, follow and be part of the native advertising hype.

10 to follow:

Leanne Brinkies, Head of native advertising at King Content: @LBrinkies

Mrs. Native is what could almost call Leanne Brinkies. She is Head of Native at King Content, which is a content marketing agency founded in Australia and she knows everything that is going on in native advertising.

Julien Verdier, CEO at Adyoulike: @Julien_Verdier

Native Advertising in French. But also often – lucky for those of us who are not so fluent in French – in English. Julien Verdier is CEO at Adyoulike, Europe's leading Native Advertising Platform & Network and that is actually a pretty good reason to make sure that you see his Tweets – both the ones about native advertising, but also the ones about advertising in general.

Francis Turner, MD Adyoulike UK: @fturner362

And Julien Verdier is not the only guy from Adyoulike who we are paying close attention to. His Managing Director, Francis Turner is also spreading the native hash tag out there. And we just immediately kind of like anyone who does that.

Pontus Staunstrup from PostNord: @PStaunstrup

It is no secret that we are quite fond of our Swedish neighbor, Pontus Staunstrup from PostNord. One thing is that ambitious native advertising campaign he and his team at PostNord did with daily postings of sponsored articles on Sweden’s most popular website for business news, Dagens Industri. Another thing is his very active native life on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We like him, but we are ready to share him with you.

Stephanie Losee, Head of brand content at Politico:@slosee

We were already following Stephanie Losee on Twitter when she was working at Dell as their Global Content Editor, and we are no less interested now that she is Head of Brand Content at Politico, where she is in charge of Politico Focus, an in-house department that will create native advertising for brands.

Sam Rosen, VP of Marketing at The Atlantic: @samrosen

A couple of years ago, The Atlantic got a lot of attention for running the unfortunate "sponsored content"/advertorial from the Church of Scientology. This year, they have just won an award for the native advertising campaign  The Ascent that appeared on The Atlantic’s website in March to promote the third season of “House of Cards". Naturally, we follow the VP of Marketing from such an important media – for better or worse.

James Morris, Global Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising: @JSMWBA

James Morris looks after MediaCom Beyond Advertising, which is the specialist content marketing division now spanning 43 MediaCom offices worldwide, including more than 700 dedicated content specialists. Following him gives you both native advertising updates as well as advertising in general. And then he's apparently also a huge West Bromich fan. We think it is best not to comment on that ...

Rebecca Lieb, Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group: @lieblink

"Analyst, author, speaker & strategic advisor on digital advertising, media & content". Rebecca Lieb's presentation on Twitter says it all. She is a kind of guru within digital advertising, and therefore, she is also worth following if native advertising is your focus. Rebecca Lieb was one of the first to conduct and publish in-depth research on native advertising.

Tim Cain, Managing Director at AOP: @TimRCain

Tim Cain is tweeting and re-tweeting a lot of great stuff about digital advertising, native advertising (yay!), mobile, Ad Blocker, digital platforms, programmatic and so on. Keep an eye on his Tweets and be up-to-date on almost everything about all kinds of digital marketing. All marketers should read along here.

Dan Greenberg, Founder and CEO at Sharethrough: @dgreenberg:

Sharethrough is one of the big players when it comes to native advertising and their CEO, Dan Greenberg. is worth following on Twitter with his great insights and knowledge about the discipline.

A lot of these thought leaders are also speaking at the Native Advertising Days conference, October 19th - 20th, 2015 in Copenhagen.

In her position as Head of Content & Creative, Stine is responsible for every piece of quality content the bureau creates. Starting out as a journalist, Stine worked for years at various interior magazines, as well as editing the home and design sections of some of Denmark’s most-read daily papers. Because of her strong will to develop and nurture projects from scratch, she has been on board Aller Media’s office of innovation. Here, she helped develop a lifestyle magazine for the Japanese market. In recent years, Stine helped initiate the Native Advertising Institute’s blog. Today, in her position at the fast-growing content marketing bureau Benjamin_Creative, she produces content and native ads for a large and diverse group of clients — from big shopping malls to even bigger design brands.

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