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Today's example of prime native advertising: Mobile-Minded

Nov 5, 2015

The following presentation is an excerpt from our brand new(and free) ebook, How to do native advertising: 25 world class examples. You can dowload the entire ebook by clicking right here.

Name: Mobile-Minded

Type: A graphic-heavy sponsored article

Brand: MasterCard

Publisher: Mashable

Purpose: Branding of MasterCard

MasterCard and Mashable joined forces and created a graphic-heavy article about how we use our mobile devices – “a look at the complex relationship between humans and the devices we hold near and dear”. Of course a native ad, which was baptized ‘Mobile-Minded’.

If you search the web for good native ads, ‘Mobile-Minded’ will show up several places. For instance, in the piece ‘The Best Native Ads of 2014’ Outbrain wrote:

“In fact, for all the content about mobile to hit the web this year, ‘Mobile-Minded’ ranks as one of the most immersive instances.”

And the praise goes on:

“If MasterCard’s goal is to change the perception of its brand as a credit card company to a technology company, more pieces like this can go a long way toward achieving that goal.”

BUT… As Outbrain also mentions in the post, MasterCard is a little too self-promoting in the post – a large section in the beginning is focusing on MasterCard’s digital payment system. But in the end, the value of the comprehensive picture of our personal connection to our phones outweighs the touch of self promotion.

Read ‘Mobile-Minded’ by clicking right here

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Story by Stine Andersen

Stine Andersen er redaktør og Content Marketing Manager hos Brand Movers.

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