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Politico will establish 'Brand Journalism Team'

May 29, 2015

News out of Washington.

Politico, the D.C.-based political news organization, is creating a 'Brand Journalism Team'. Ad Age reports that Politico is about to establish Politico Focus, an in-house department that will create native advertising for brands.

Politico Focus will be headed by Stephanie Losee, who is brought in from a position as managing editor at Dell, where she helped build the computer company's content strategy. Stephanie Losee joins Politico as its executive director of brand content.

"This is an opportunity to put my career where my mouth is," said Ms. Losee, who's been an outspoken proponent of content-marketing -- or as she calls it, "brand journalism" -- on the conference circuit. "I want to restore the flow of money between brands and publishers to find a sustainable model for journalism. This is the right place to test my theories."

Politico Focus will help advertisers create native advertising content and provide services related to data and research. According to Ad Age, Peter Cherukuri, executive vice president of business development at Politico, describes Politico Focus as "a brand journalism and data studio that's focused on helping agencies and brands understand and engage political influencers."

The Politico Focus staff will be overseen by Stephanie Losee and consist of six full-time employees and a stable of freelancers. No regular editorial journalists from Politico will produce branded content.

Politico began selling native ads three years ago, but until this point the political news organization has relied on advertisers to produce their own content. Similar to The Washington Post, The Atlantic and The New York Times, Politico will now have a functioning in-house production of branded content.

Stephanie Losee from Politico is one of many great experts and keynote speakers at the Native Advertising Days, October 19th - 20th, 2015 in Copenhagen.

Anders Vinderslev is a trained journalist and former editor and key contributor to the NAI blog. He has, according to himself, produced some of the most thought-provoking and impactful reporting on the state of native advertising. Today he works as a content creator and editor at Brand Movers, but from time to time he will deliver spicy takes on native advertising and sponsored content here at the NAI blog.

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