Why You Should Include Pinterest In Your Native Advertising Strategy

Nov 19, 2019

Pinterest shouldn’t be overlooked by companies aiming to connect with potential customers via social media.

The highly visual platform is a place where consumers actively seek inspiration. It offers powerful native advertising opportunities for businesses.

This article discusses the reasons why your company should include Pinterest in its native advertising strategy.


1. Users are Actively Seeking Products and Services

Pinterest facilitates learning, inspiration, and discovery. Its native advertisements offer a seamless discovery-to-purchase experience for customers.

When users log onto Pinterest, they’re looking for an individualized experience to fulfil personal goals.

users actively search for goods or services such as recipes, fitness routines, or home decor. According to Pinterest, 90% of its users use pins to decide what to purchase.

Proportionally, Pinterest drives more referral traffic to shopping sites than social platforms do.
Source: Pinterest

This sets the platform apart from other social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat, which center around relationship building and content creation.

Before advertising was allowed on Pinterest, there were sites dedicated to linking Pinterest pins to online stores.

Native advertisements can help your company answer the implied request consumers are making when they enter the network. 


2. People Turn to Pinterest for Important Life Events

In addition to searching for day-to-day products and services, users leverage Pinterest as a tool to organize their ideas for special events. 

Many of the top Pinterest trends for 2019 include celebrations and momentous moments such as graduation parties, picnics, and birthdays.

Advertising and marketing departments dedicate large sums to intercepting potential customers when they are equipped to make a purchase.

Pinterest houses many qualified leads seeking pins all related to a particular vision, such as wedding decor.

Pinterest ads example 1

Brands can leverage this opportunity by releasing pins tied to a related concept such as the holidays.

Tying your brand voice to the most significant moments in your customers’ lives is a fantastic way to build brand preference. 

They will trust your company’s Pinterest as a quick way to find pins that align with their needs when a special event arises in the future.


3. Consumers Will Express Themselves with Your Brand 

When your audience re-pins an image that you post, they are identifying themselves with your brand. 

When your company voice becomes a way for customers to express themselves, your clients start to advertise for you simply by stating their personal preferences! 

Pinterest facilitates this connection by allowing you to decide who sees your promoted pins

For example, users who have pinned certain clothing items in the past will receive targeted native advertisements from comparable brands.

Pinterest ads example 2

When the potential customer pins a clothing concept from the brand, users that “follow” them will see it too. 

The network offers the ability to transform your target audience into consumers, and then into brand ambassadors.


4. Visual Content on Pinterest Engages a Wide Audience

Content cannot be added to Pinterest unless it’s visual. Scrolling through Pinterest resembles a quilt of images. Even text-based posts are uploaded in a graphic format. 

Millennials and Gen Z are known for responding positively to photo-based posts. Research has found that they aren’t the only ones.

Any content with infographics or images sees a 94% increase in views compared to text-based posts, based on a study by Skyward.

Leveraging the visual platform to showcase your goods and services is a great opportunity to connect your brand to your target audience’s lifestyle.

In an era where consumers are showing a preference for multimedia platforms such as Snapchat and YouTube, companies should consider the photo and video opportunities Pinterest offers.


5. Pinterest Provides an Outlet for Content Repurposing

If you’re already using graphics to engage with stakeholders on other social media channels, Pinterest provides opportunities to repurpose that content

If  your Instagram posts are resonating with your target audience, it’s likely  they’ll resonate with the same audience on Pinterest. 

In particular, visual content geared toward females ages 18–49 will perform well. According to Comscore, Pinterest has a 53% overall reach with that demographic. 

Rather than simply posting a photo, companies should ensure their posts are organized in useful board displays. 

Target’s account hosts a wide collection of boards, including “Back to College” and “Baby Registry.”

Pinterest ads example 3

Once a customer discovers your brand through a native advertisement, they may navigate to your Pinterest account and click “Follow” on one of your categorized boards.

Pinterest Offers Unique Opportunities Companies Can Leverage 

Unlike many other social platforms, Pinterest users are actively seeking goods or services. 

The network offers an opportunity for brands to become a part of their customer’s lifestyle choice, their special events, and their means of self-expression.

Incorporating Pinterest into your native advertising strategy will better serve your company and your consumers.


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