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New Research on Native Advertising Worth Your Time

How Does the Global Elite React to Native Advertising?

Quartz is behind a new global study among 1,357 executives from around the world on how they get news, why they share content, and how they feel about advertising. Four interesting facts are that:

84% of executives are open to content from brands, as long as it's high-quality and clearly labeled.

74% of executives found the last piece of sponsor content they read interesting, informative, and valuable.

Executives are much more likely to intentionally interact with sponsor content than pre-roll or interstitials.

Auto-play audio or video ads are most disliked digital advertising to execs.

We highly recommend reading the whole Global Executives Study from Quartz.

Native Advertising Raises Ethical Questions

The effectiveness of native advertising can make it deceptive, endangering journalistic credibility, say a group of 56 anonymous journalists and advertising and public relations executives interviewed by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder and Baylor University.

“While the responses we heard about the efficacy of native advertising is alarming, it does have some truth to it that we, as advertisers, have to deliver good content,” Erin Schauster, an assistant professor of advertising at CMCI, said. “We have to deliver content that the audience wants to engage with. We just have to do it in a respectful, transparent, honest way.”

Read an article on the study at

Global Trends for News Media Executives

Our very own "Native Advertising Trends 2016 - the NEWS Media Industry” was published in September as the largest, most comprehensive native ad survey in the news media industry to date. The findings are based on answers from 156 news media executives (each representing their own company) in 48 countries. You'll learn about their budget expectations, what they see as the biggest threats to native advertising as well as what the most effective ways of doing native advertising are according to news media executives. The report is made in collaboration with INMA.

Download the report here.

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