New ebook: 25 world class examples of native advertising

Oct 30, 2015


The past many weeks we have been working on our new ebook. The objective:

To identify 25 of the best examples of native advertising ever made.

Actually, we wanted to do more than just identify. We wanted to understand these pieces of native advertising. What are they trying to achieve, and how and why do they achieve it so well?

The good stuff understands what native means to its specific platform. The good stuff mimics its publisher while maintaining the ability to tell its own story. The good stuff manages to provide the audience with real authenticity whether it is based on entertainment or educative qualities. The good stuff, quite simply, is valuable.

This is the condensed version of what we learned about native advertising. The short story. If you want to understand how each piece of native advertising worked to the benefit of both brand and publisher, please download our brand new(and free) ebook, How to do native advertising: 25 examples of world class native advertising. The ebook contains 25 thorough descriptions of how brands can successfully engage their audiences through native advertising.

Download How to do native advertising: 25 examples of world class native advertising right here.

Happy reading!

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