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The Ultimate List of Native Audio Advertising Solutions

Jun 27, 2017

One of the least talked about native advertising formats is audio. That’s unfortunate, because in today’s world of big data, targeting native advertising programmatically based on the rich information collected from individual users can be highly successful. According to DAX, over 21.7 million people are streaming audio every week. Pandora claims to have over 78 million active users every month with Soundcloud boasting over 175 million global users.

While researching this article we uncovered that there’s opportunity for both B2B and B2C brands. There’s even examples of long-form native audio advertising in the form of fully produced weekly podcasts that sit alongside organic content in the app or desktop interface. Most of the solutions below also offer non-native advertising opportunities.

Native Audio Advertising

1. Adswizz – A digital audio DSP that gives advertisers access to over 13 audio platforms. Includes analytics, measurement, monetization, targeting and optimization.
2. Apple Music – Through iAd, Apple’s digital advertising platform, marketers can tap into the Radio in Apple Music and access millions of people.
3. DAX – Europe’s largest digital audio exchange with a global footprint. It’s a mobile-first platform with access across 180 audio publishers on radio and digital.
4. Gimlet Media – This vendor focuses on native podcasts and storytelling as opposed to many of the other vendors music-first approach. Brands can produce full podcasts with the Gimlet creative team and have them published alongside organic podcasts in the network.
5. Google Play Music – When paired with other advertising offerings, such as retargeting, display and search, this is one more touch point giving brands the opportunity to deliver the right message at the right time. The audio inventory is available right inside the Google Display Network.
6. Hype Machine – A crowdfunded digital streaming service that offers brands the opportunity to natively speak to their highly engaged niche audience.
7. iHeartMedia – Offers a number of partner opportunities from unique branded custom stations created by the creative team to pre-roll videos.
8. Pandora – Over 78 million highly engaged listeners use Pandora every month – on over 1,800 connected devices and over 190 car models. That’s one quarter of the US population. Its targeting capability is powered be over one billion daily data points. Offers both genre station and listening sponsorships for brands.
9. SoundCloud – According to Comscore, reaches over 175 million global users and more than 25% of the US mobile population. Offers both audio and display and native and sponsorship advertising opportunities.
10. Spotify – The average user spends 148 minutes a day listening to this platform. Offers both native and non-native advertising opportunities including sponsored and branded playlists and sponsored sessions.
11. Triton Digital – A supply side platform for programmatic audio inventory. Offers music, news and podcast native advertising opportunities. Full suite of analytics, tracking and measurement. Global.
12. Xaxis – Offers advertising opportunities across eight different channels with audio being one of them. Technology stack provides targeting and measurement across channels and is programmatic.

These 12 native audio advertising solutions represent merely one dozen out of over 350 cataloged tech vendors. As native matures its ecosystem of vendors will likely continue to grow and the Native Advertising Institute will continue to catalog its technology so you, the reader, has a one stop place to go online to access the information you need to be successful in your native endeavors.

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Story by Chad Pollitt

Native Advertising Expert, CMO Influencer VP of Audience and Partner, Native Advertising Institute Indianapolis, USA

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