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"The Most Urgent Thing for Native Advertising Is Trust"

Jul 3, 2017

What is the secret to good native advertising? What is the biggest challenge for native advertising? What is the future of native advertising?

We ask the world’s leading native advertising specialists in our short form video series #NativeAdSecrets which was recorded at Native Advertising DAYS 2016. Get notifications about our upcoming conference.

Today with Clare O'Brien, then Head of Industry Programmes at IAB UK. See or read a full interview with Clare here where she explains the need for algorithms for quality measures. 

The secret to good native advertising…
"The secret to good native advertising has got to be putting the audience first. Digital is an access medium it is not a broadcast medium. Your audience doesn't sit back passively with your messages washing over them. They come online into a digital space to do something. Usually something very specific and quite utilitarian. And if you don't have in your mind the purpose of someone's point of interaction with your content at any one time -- you're going to miss the boat."

The biggest challenge for native advertising…
"The biggest challenge for native advertising is quite difficult to pick out -- there are so many. This is very early, this is a craft at an almost embryonic stage of its development, but I would say the most urgent thing that we have to think about is trust. Injecting paid-for content or ad units that look like their surrounding content is a problem.

We need to, as an industry, ensure that everything is properly labelled.

That's why we need to, as an industry, ensure that everything is properly labelled. There are research programs from around the world saying that people actually respond better to a native ad that's labelled, than a native ad that's not. That is because there is a trust contract between a publisher and its audience and if that gets broken because somebody suddenly realises they're looking at a piece of content that is paid for. It's not only bad news for the brand, it's bad news for the publisher as well."

The future of native advertising…
"The future of native advertising I think is a shared future with the future of digital advertising. I think through native we're finding a way to make advertising work on this rich and complex medium. In the same way that TV advertising really isn't like radio advertising and outdoor posters aren't like press advertising, we've got to find a way to make advertising work digitally, and I think native is leading the way."

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