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Native Advertising Predictions for 2017: 23 Experts Share Their Insights

Native advertising is coming of age. If 2016 was the year in which “everyone came to the table”, as one expert puts it, 2017 will be the year in which native advertising might truly scale and increase in creativity as well as in transparency.

That's the message binding together the 23 experts which Native Advertising Institute has asked to take a look into the future in order to predict how the coming year will affect native advertising.

The predictions included in the e-book '23 Predictions for Native Advertising in 2017' cover all areas of native advertising and answers your questions regarding:

How Native Ad Studios will evolve?
If marketers will embrace native advertising and how?
How native advertising will scale?
What labelling in native advertising will look like?
Which new creative technologies such as live video, VR, 360 degree video will affect native advertising.

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