Award-winning: The Best Native Advertising Program B2B

We’ve conducted a collection of case studies featuring award-winning native advertising examples. This blog post features The Best Native Advertising Program B2B.


Campaign: Tele2 End-Up. Check out the campaign here. 

In a bold B2B-effort, mobile operator Tele2 wanted to change the perception of a company only competing on price. The decision was to focus on the valuable services the operator provides. Groundbreaking content was the best way to change the perception”


  • Client: Tele2 (Swedish telecom company)
  • Agency: Bonnier News Brand Studio (the innovation and concept department of Bonnier News)

The Content

Together with Tele2 and their agencies, Bonnier News Brand Studio created the world’s first End-Up. Basically a start-up in reverse: An ideal company and office located in central Stockholm with everything from ergonomic furniture, financial resources, eco coffee and the latest tech solutions from Tele2. Everything was in place: Except for the business idea.

Bonnier News Brand Studio produced a native tv-series and native articles to back up the episodes about the business ideas that poured in. The tv-series was produced in real-time and led by the wellknown host Måns Nilsson, who travelled around Sweden with a team to meet jury members, experts and ultimately hunt down the perfect business idea. The winner of the End-Up was Max Mohammadi and his business idea called Heartstrings: a technology that detects heart defects in an early stage. In the follow-up season, the audience got to see how things went for Max’s business and how Tele2 helped him optimize the company.

Distribution and Promotion

The tv-series was distributed on news media websites Expressen, Dagens industri, Di Digital and Dagens Nyheter. A content hub was built to host the episodes and native articles and optimized according to custom-made measurement methods. In addition the team also produced tv-content for Tele2’s own channels, as well as display ads and manuscripts for the program’s participation in Di-podcasts.


KPIs included hard numbers such as page views, time spent, the view-through rate on different tv-parts and time spent on the content hub. Other KPI’s were concerned with softer values: The attitude and perceptions about Tele2’s brand and how Swedes perceive Tele2’s role as a supplier of business solutions.

  • Pageviews during the campaign: 275,000 page views total
  • Spent time during the campaign: 2:30 average time spent per title
  • Started streams during the campaign: 10,000 per week
  • View-through rate on all content during the campaign: 50 percent average

The Results

Perceptions of Tele2 were analysed through a brand survey.
Of survey participants who had seen the campaign, 65 percent thought Tele2 offered good solutions and 71 percent thought that Tele2 had the expertise to help businesses. Among survey participants who had not seen the campaign corresponding percentages were 34 percent and 37 percent respectively.

The page views during the campaign were 46 percent over the set goal, and the average time spent on all titles exceeded expectations as well.

Counting all titles, view-through rate during the campaign was at 60 percent average, which represented a ten percent improvement of the goal.

Take Note

Only one out of ten startups survive long term. Often, the problem for failing startups is that they focus too much on the business idea and neglect the basic functions and technical infrastructure that all companies rely on. This was the reality that Tele2 wanted to tap into with its highly ambitious content campaign.

  • In 2018, Tele2 wanted to show their capacity to serve both small and big businesses. The Swedish telecom company need- ed a concept that separated them from the stereotypical mobile operator, only focused on price competition. In short: Tele2 wanted to position themselves as a reliable solution by embracing a new storytelling voice - broad enough to attract businesses in general.
  • The basic premise for the campaign was that customers did
    not know about Tele2’s business solutions. Only talking about products would be difficult, since Tele2 was considered a ‘low price mobile operator’, and therefore not a credible source. The company needed to show its expertise as a supplier of business solutions for companies. The goal was to strengthen Tele2’s mar- ket position and make the company the first choice of supplier for IT and telecom solutions for businesses. A campaign concept where the value of Tele2’s offer was on clear display without being pushed excessively.
  • To change the image of Tele2 and their business offer, the native team had to create a campaign that stood out and rep- resented something new in the context of telecom. Something real and relatable. The strategy was to prove that Tele2 takes businesses seriously and knows what it means to run a company. The programme should demonstrate that Tele2 products and services are a logical part of any sustainable office and company ecosystem.
  • The campaign team addressed the target audience with a modern programming format and a voice that attracted new businesses, but also a voice that appealed to the more established companies. In this unique collaboration, Bonnier News Brand Studio, as an exclusive media house, produced a content solution for Tele2 that broke new ground and was the first in the world of its kind.
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