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Our 11 Most Shared Articles in 2017 - and What We Learned From Them

Jan 16, 2018

2017 was a great year for native advertising. And the rise of native is only becoming more and more important for brands and publishers.

2017 was also a great year for us at the Native Advertising Institute but we couldn't have done it without all our fantastic contributors and you - our readers! Thank you!

To celebrate the year of 2017, we have gathered our 11 most shared articles in 2017 and pulled out the most important learnings from each of them for you to incorporate into your work in 2018.

The 2017 Native Advertising Technology Landscape 

The Native Advertising Technology Landscape

In this article, Chad Pollitt and NAI present the Native Advertising Technology Landscape 2017.

What did we learn?

In 2017, Chad Pollitt identified 272 native advertising technology companies from around the world, and more will come (probably already has!). The vendors that made the list all help facilitate, optimize or track native advertising and the technology landscape is designed to be a resource for advertisers, publishers, media buyers, marketers and ad tech folks.

How a Philippine Magazine Publisher Creates In-House Native Advertising

Inhouse native advertising

In the Philippines, one of the leading magazine publishers, Summit Media has created an in-house brand marketing unit called Storylab. We interviewed Iza Santos, StoryLabs Head and Christine Sandejas, Group Publisher about their creative process and educating clients about native advertising.

What did we learn?

It is important for publishers to collaborate with the clients when creating native advertising, however, a lot of them still need be educated about native advertising. At Summit Media this is done through conferences and workshops. Moreover, Summit Media also make sure to involve the clients in both the conceptualization and production phase.

A Deeper Look Into Vox Media's Branded Content Practice

Branded Content Practice

In 2014, Vox Media set up their own in-house creative studio, Vox Creative. We took a look at the studio with Armando Turco, General Manager at Vox Creative.

What did we learn?

You shouldn't necessarily use your editorial staff to create branded content, but it can be very useful to use them as a resource to create even better content. Another important learning is that as a branded content studio, you should always remember who the content is for. It doesn't matter what you think of the content if the readers are not going to think it's interesting. So focus on the quality and the audience.

'Everyone Seems Lost on How to Best Use Their Data'

Best use data

Anda Gansca, CEO and Co-Founder of Knotch, has a real passion for data. For her, data is an essential tool in marketing, but it is not always used in the proper way. We interviewed her about exactly this.

What did we learn?

Marketers, agencies, distribution channels and data companies should all use data to make the internet a better experience. But the biggest mistake marketers make is that they don't demand data transparency or ownership. This needs to change, and there is a need for a 3rd party who can measure the ROI independently.

Swedish Award Winning Brand Studio: It's All About True Native


In Sweden, Bonnier News Brand Studio was set up to generate new revenue and develop new business models in collaboration with the editorial departments at Bonnier News. We interviewed Anna Arvidsson, Head of Bonnier News Brand Studio.

What did we learn?

Hiring different skills to a team is essential to meet the clients' needs, but you also need to have the courage to say no to clients. You know what your readers want, they don't. And when you're working with true native, you have to get to know the publishers by spending a day in the newsroom and learning the editorial approach.

Tom Jenen: Programmatic Doesn't Pay Off 

Branded content

Tom Jenen, then president of Polar, shares insights on how premium publishers can price, package and sell branded content, which metrics that count and which formats to choose.

What did we learn?

Pricing can be done differently and it all depends on whether you're selling native advertising as media or selling the entire content program. The same goes for metrics. Furthermore, Tom Jenen argues that programmatic is a struggle that doesn't pay off.

How to do Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Really Work


Influencers are and will continue to be an important part of many marketing strategies - but how to do it right?

What did we learn?

First of all, you have to establish your goals and set clear KPIs. Then you have to research to find the right influencers for exactly your campaign, and here you have to choose between the five types of influencers out there. Afterwards, you would want to crunch the data on your identified influencers before you start wooing them. Once this is all set, it's essential that you track your campaign and analyze its effectiveness.

How to Measure the Success of Native Video Ads


Marketers and advertisers are leaning more and more heavily on video content but tracking the success of these videos is still an art that needs to be refined. And here's how.

What did we learn?

First of all, you have to forget about views since they don't truly reflect brand lift. And brand lift is exactly what you should be measuring, even though it can be tricky. The most impactful way to do it is to survey those you have targeted with your video ad. It's also important to look at referrals to your site from your video if your CTA was to get people to visit your site, and you definitely have to look at engagement as a key metric to measure.

Succeeding with Sponsored Video on Social Media

Social Media

Johan Rikner, CEO at N365 Group gives his best advice on doing sponsored videos on social media.

What did we learn?

First of all, you should spend your money wisely and try the video on a small scale first. Another key is to always analyze your progress and take into account which type of social media you are using so you can adapt the content to this channel.

Boston Globe Media's Brand Studio Works Like a Mini-Newsroom

Brand studio

BG BrandLab is the brand studio of Boston Globe Media, and we interviewed Doug Most, Director, Strategic Growth Initiatives and Head of BG BrandLab about setting up the studio.

What did we learn?

Doug Most is a former editor in the Boston Globe newsroom, and he runs the content studio much like he ran sections of the newspaper. Therefore, the brand room works like a mini-newsroom. They research the brand clients like reporters and editors to understand their history, strategy and goals. They also work closely with brands to meet their budgets, and Doug Most's most important learnings is that you should play on your strengths and emphasize why you are the perfect and ideal partner for the brand to work with.

The 3 Secrets to LinkedIn That Marketers Tend to Overlook


Jason Miller is Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn and he revealed a few secrets to us.

What did we learn?

Brands need to slow down. That's one of the secrets from Jason Miller. Because, he says, high quality, in-depth, long-form content has far greater influence.

Another secret is the three most overlooked ways to succeed in using LinkedIn as a platform. One is humour, another is video, and the last one is to beware of the importance of mobile.

Understanding Blockchain - What Does It Mean for Native Advertising


Blockchain. For some it's hard to wrap their head around and therefore, this article takes you through that big question: what the hell is Blockchain?

What did we learn?

Blockchain makes transparency and 'truth' possible online since it provides us with a proven record of where things have originated. In a native advertising context, this means that documentation, practice, governance and quality will be the cornerstone of tomorrow's storytelling. Because which brand will the consumers trust now that the Blockchain has become part of the industry? The one with a proven and transparent supply chain, or the one with George Clooney smiling at the camera in the ad break?

What will be the focus for native advertising in 2018? We asked 36 experts to share their predictions and you can read them all in this ebook.


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