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You Need to Create Original Content That is Meaningful to the Reader

Aug 9, 2017

What is the secret to good native advertising? What is the biggest challenge for native advertising? What is the future of native advertising?

We ask the world’s leading native advertising specialists in our short form video series #NativeAdSecrets.

Today with Michael Villasenor, Creative Director of Ad Marketing & Innovation at The New York Times, who was a speaker at the Native Advertising DAYS 2016. 

The secret to good native advertising...
The secret to good native advertising has a lot to do with the quality of the content. To think about what we did in the early days with 'Orange is the New Black', and considering what an original story would be with regard to a brand - That's what I think the secret to native advertising is. It is about creating an original piece of content that is meaningful to the reader.

The biggest challenge for native advertising...
The biggest challenge with native advertising has more to do with a brand being open to an original story that an editor, for example at T Brand Studio, could create. To be able to step outside of the norm of just a standard ad that they would have purchased and displayed around the brand, but to develop something original. And at the same time, there's a similar challenge for people who produce placements for native, that they have to be clear and in a lot of ways honest that it is an advertisement so that the reader doesn't get confused. Because in the end, if either of those two situations doesn't pan out, we all lose.

The future of native advertising...
The future of native advertising has to do with taking on new technology, taking on new opportunities of how stories are being told to readers, and looking at those as opportunities to extend your brand story in an original way.

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Johanne Eliasson is the former editor of the Native Advertising Institute.

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