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How King Content Produced An Award Winning Facebook Campaign

Jun 30, 2017

This case study is part of a collection of award-winning native advertising examples studies from Native Advertising Awards presented by The Native Advertising Institute.

We aim to acknowledge and reward great native advertising and promote inspiring, effective and creative work that helps organisations worldwide achieve their goals and tell great brand stories in a non-disruptive way.


King Content - best use of facebook

Using Facebook Live and additional social media channels, King Content reached the target audience and generated interest for Griffith University around the university’s Open Day.

Creating a Facebook Live Open Day video strategy that would:

• Position Griffith University in a fresh, innovative and accessible way.
• Position the university as a modern institute that “gets” its students.
• Increase positive sentiment.
• Generate enquiries about becoming a student at Griffith University.
• Offer prospective students who can’t attend Open Day in person a chance to participate virtually.

Creative idea:
Creating a real-time experience for prospective students that was raw, authentic and showcased the best of Griffith using content formats and channels with which the audience would engage.

Good content and a strong distribution approach was key to meeting the objectives and ensuring the campaign’s success.

King Content devised an approach that would tick all the boxes. The idea was not only a first for the university but new for the education sector: Open Day via Facebook Live and Snapchat.

Good content and a strong distribution approach were key to meeting the objectives and ensuring the campaign’s success.


The essence of the approach was to:
• Use Facebook’s video format, Facebook Live, paired with the channel’s robust targeting to reach high school students.

• Use Snapchat to promote the live video activity, reach a larger audience and create Snapchat content throughout the day, too.

• Devise a pre-event strategy to promote the Open Day Facebook Live activity and drive anticipation and interest.

• Develop an event schedule and run-sheet of entertaining activity to capture life on campus.
Stream a number of short videos throughout the day.

• Create a comprehensive native distribution plan that ensured the content reached the primary audience before the event, during it and also once it was over.

• Implement conversion tracking before the event to build audience pools to retarget with live video content.

• Selecting the right talent in front of the camera including appointing two “Snapchat Gurus” among the students who took control of the channel for the day.

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The seven live videos on the day covered content that captured Griffith University’s community, culture and lifestyle, and provided key messaging around the 2017 curriculum as well as capturing impromptu activity, comments and questions.

There were a 10-day pre-event and distribution plan which was adapted for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn to create interest among the target audience.

Size of team involved:
8 people

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

The creative and engagement teams at King Content worked closely together so all elements of the campaign spoke to the primary audience in question.

• 57,000 Facebook Live video views on the day.
• 21,114 total minutes watched on Facebook Live.
• Organically increased Griffith University’s Facebook community by 1,000+ in a week.
• CPV of live videos as low as $0.02 to relevant targeted audiences.
• 9000 engagements on images and videos.
• Four competitions run on Snapchat across the day with over 400+ views each.

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