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Smart Ways of Using Instagram Analytics to Create Brilliant Native Ads & Customer Experiences

Jun 20, 2019

Here's how Instagram data can help transform the way you build meaningful connections with your audience via native ads.

Renowned brands are known to offer truly unforgettable customer experiences. All top companies including both B2C and B2B organizations rely on executing with perfection all their interactions big or small, hence, they are able to come up with memorable customer experiences to cherish for a long time to come.  Instagram flaunts over 1 billion active monthly users. All the premium brands are instinctively flocking to this powerful marketing platform - and leveraging Instagram analytics - to inform their native advertising efforts and generate small, yet meaningful consumer experiences that would leave an everlasting impression.

Instagram comes up with comprehensive analytics for marketers known as ‘insights’ which provide easy access to both follower demographics, as well as, post analytics. Instagram analytics help provide accuracy in tracking your followers as well as top performing Instagram posts. Let us examine how social media managers and digital marketers could utilize Instagram analytics for creating meaningful client interactions in a similar way that is done by the top brands.

Understanding the Importance of the New Instagram Analytics

Instagram insights are doing great things for marketers, allowing them to boost their brand and drive relevant traffic to their site. As a marketer, when you use Instagram, you get an opportunity to view both post-level analytics, such as reach, impressions, and website clicks as well as follower demographics, such as age, gender, and location.


Follower Demographics: The Location could be broken down into specific countries and again into cities for a narrower view. Instagram analytics would successfully provide you with accurate follower numbers - new and old - over certain timeframes. Moreover, you could identify specific characteristics, such as the gender of your followers and even their age range.

Post-Level Analytics: This all-new Instagram analytic provides valuable information about the peak times when your Instagram followers are active on the platform. You may use the effective ‘Follower Activity’ module for effectively monitoring the days or hours and even the average time period that your followers spend on this versatile platform on a usual day. You may consider sorting in terms of the weekdays. Moreover, impressions are easily accessible to you. Impressions would help you get an idea of the exact number of times your Instagram posts have actually been viewed, your overall reach figures - including your website clicks - and Instagram views that demonstrate the exact number of times that your website link, present in the Instagram bio, has actually been visited.

Do a Lot of Planning in Terms of Strategy & Campaigns

According to, “Planning a successful campaign requires at least, a minimal understanding of patterns, growth periods, and trends in your campaign. You can use Instagram analytics to compare growth over various time spans, which allows you to dig deeper and see what you were doing during the peaks in your campaign. Then, you can make the necessary adjustments to improve your overall strategy.” When you are using this reliable data from Instagram insights, you could be sure that you are not taking any risks when you tweak your strategy and do the necessary edits based on real metrics only. We understand that every business would want to take the online world by storm, and that goal or aspiration should not be too difficult to achieve in this digital era of instantaneous gratification and amazing social media marketing. 

Get in Touch With Your Customers via Social Listening


Social listening tools allow social media managers to effectively track platforms, such as Instagram for identifying precise hashtags, comments or keywords. This would allow social media managers to respond to an Instagram user directly. In this context, it's clear that social listening is a fantastic way of providing customer support, even in the event when the customer does not at all realize that the specific brand is actually available. You must consider connecting with your customer via social listening. For instance, when a social media manager from Amazon responded directly to questions of some Instagram users, directly after reading their comments on a recently uploaded post, the Instagram users felt as if the specific brand was listening. This really helps immensely in boosting engagement, fortifying the bond, enhancing overall brand sentiment, and boosting the return you see on your native efforts.

Social listening could be leveraged for collecting and re-sharing UGC or user-generated content. This process is known to reward all those customers who share a brand message, making things simpler for curating a convincing Instagram profile. We have seen that Audi has been doing things right in terms of social listening. For instance, on some occasions, Audi re-shared a fantastic picture, clicked by the owner of an Audi. This win-win seems to be the outcome of perfect social listening. The customer genuinely feels that Audi, as a brand, actually cares about her or his driving experience in an Audi.

Optimize Timing & Content to Boost Overall Brand Awareness


Instagram analytics platforms are known not only for assisting you with social listening but also for being helpful in optimizing your content, to make sure that all your customers are able to see the fantastic posts shared by you on your Instagram for Business account. Today, you have access to a host of reasonably-priced platforms that would even help you in analyzing your previous post performance on Instagram, identifying the best posting time, and understanding follower demographics. Equipped with this incredibly valuable information, smart social media managers would schedule the sharing of content, at optimal times on Instagram.


When trying to build exceptional customer experience, you'll require a clear understanding of your audience's habits, motivations, likes, and dislikes, and Instagram analytics is a great way to get started doing this, as it provides valuable insights that ensure the content you share will resonate with your perfect audience. In this way, something as simple as Instagram analytics can ensure that you hit the mark with your native ads on the first go, allowing you - over time - to build an unforgettable customer experience customer experience.

Story by Pete Campbell

Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients at stormlikes by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

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