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In our brand new ebook, 9 experts explain how to succeed with native advertising

Sep 18, 2015

Why is native advertising so popular and how can we, as a brand or publisher, succeed with native advertising?

These are two questions that we get more than any other. In our daily work we try to answer them as well as we can, but at times it feels prudent to pass the torch and let somebody else share their perspective and knowledge.

Especially, if that somebody is, you know, a freaking expert in the field of native advertising.

This is the aim of our first ever ebook, 9 Experts: How to succeed with native advertising, which we eagerly publish today. Professionals who work with native advertising. At the highest level. Sharing their know-how. With you.

In our new native advertising ebook, you'll find:

  • The New York Times, The Atlantic and Politico explaining how to make high quality native advertising
  • Some of the world's biggest agencies defining the essence of content that users want to engage with
  • Nine expert insights on how to create worldclass native advertising for your audience
  • And much much more

We can't wait to share this one.

You can download our new ebook by clicking right here. It's free, obviously.

Happy reading!

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