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How to buy native ads – 6 key questions you need to ask

Jan 21, 2020

So you're brand, your business, or company has decided to invest in Native Advertising. What now. What factors should you consider before you divulge your marketing budget?

Despite the fact that Native has become a rather ubiquitous part of marketing, it could be that you've never been given the opportunity to utilise it for your company. So before you do, here are some key questions you need to ask the publishing house before buying Native ads.

1. How often do you publish new articles?

Why it’s important: High publishing frequency gives you plenty of opportunities to connect with the readers. Also, this gives you a better indication of what pieces the readers like the most – and what pieces they can do without. This is a great way to refine your messages along the way. It is optimization at its best.

2. Who’s the editor?

Why it’s important: You need to get along with the editor since he or she is instrumental to your success. The editor already knows the platform, and if he or she is able to understand and relate to you and your brand, your articles will find their audience.


3. What special experience or skills do the writers bring?

Why it’s important: Whether your company is number one in leadership recruitment or in electric work out wear, it is equally important for the writer to have an interest in your vision as well as your products if you are to be happy with the content that he or she comes up with.

4. What’s included in the price I pay?

Why it’s important: One article doesn’t make a native campaign, and there are many details to keep track of. You’ll need a strategy behind the material, a project manager (the editor), excellent content writers (assigned according to your needs), great spots on the media site, a clear work process and a publishing plan that is easy to follow, as well as measuring points both pre-, during and after the campaign. If it’s all there, go!

5. What do I need to prepare before the campaign starts?

Why it’s important: Let’s face it. This is not something you order and get back perfectly wrapped up. You need to do some research at home before saying ‘Yes!’ to this great offer. Are your key staff members available for interviews? Do you have any stars in your company that you wish to promote? Are there interesting stories about your brand that haven’t been told before? Does your company have the time and drive to come up with the answers to this?

6. How do I know if the campaign really works?

Why it’s important: Measuring the results is one of the most important aspects of a Native Advertising campaign. It is important to set up KPI:s in order to make sure all the hard work that both you, the publisher and the content producer put into it, is worth the money. Let’s not forget – the campaign is there to make you more visible in carrying a great message to old and new customers. If you talk to them in a relevant way – they will listen and care more about what you say. Then, they want to know more. And more…

Story by Maria Marteleur

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