Quotes from the Experts: 15 Ways To Create Great Native Advertising

Jun 23, 2017

At the Native Advertising Institute, we often get the question, “What does great native advertising look like?” As a result, we’ve scoured our archives over the last six months and put together this list of quotes from some on the industry’s leading experts.

Unsure of where to go or what rules to follow with your native advertising strategy? Need some quick advice from the experts?  Their insights will help you get a leg up on the competition.

1. "Native is important to Google because we think native advertising will be the future of advertising and it benefits everyone in the ecosystem; the users, the publishers, the advertisers. We need to really reconnect with the users in the advertising space otherwise we’re all of out of jobs.”

- Ekin Ozenci, (Mobile Product Specialist at Google) on the future of advertising.

2. “If you play fair with your audience and you label [native advertising], they respect that.”

-Tim Cain, (Director of Digital First Media) on the pitfalls of native advertising.

3. “The core [to good native advertising] is a clear understanding of the target group’s interests. If you know these, it is much easier to define the right content, the channels, the formats you need for a successful campaign.”

- Karsten Krämer, (Managing Director at C3) on understanding your target group.

4. “In our experience with our advertising partners, we’ve actually found a high demand for storytelling. Many, many advertisers have heard of native advertising, are interested in native advertising, but don’t quite understand what it means or how to apply it.”

- Zazie Lucke, (VP of Global Marketing at Quartz) on working with advertisers with native advertising.

5. “Testing your campaigns against various types of ad networks is paramount to finding success.”

- James Kosur, (Co-founder and president at Presto Media) on finding success with ad campaigns.

6. “Take chances; make mistakes, make them fast and then move on.”

- Thomas Stockholm, (CEO at Ekstra Bladet) talking about his advice, in and outside of native advertising.

7. “Storytelling is about creating an understanding of that utility”
"If you can somehow improve the life quality of your user either by making complex decisions less complicated or technical issues less technical, making life faster and simple for users, then that’s a winning formula."

- Rickard Lawson, (Country Manager at Strossle Norway) on creating utility for customers.

8. "The key for [brands] to do great native is to work closely together with the publisher and to understand the audience."

Pontus Staunstrup, (Head of Content Strategy and Social, Postnord) on brands working with publishers to understand their audience.

9. “Avoid making native advertising ‘blend in’ with the editorial content”

- Lukas Kircher, (Founder and partner at C3) on mistakes to avoid when using native advertising.

10. “Knowing the advertiser’s objective right up front is very important”

- Melanie Deziel, (Branded Content Consultant and Founder of the Overlap League) on the first step of native advertising.

11. “Reaching a young audience with native advertising requires a deft touch”

- Malia Keirsey, (Marketing Expert, Web Designer and Blogger) on targeting a younger audience with native advertising.

12. “People search for content on Amazon, they search for products. It’s a very powerful tool that actually no publisher or no native advertising company is using.”

- Dominik Grau, (Chief Innovation Officer at Ebner Media) on how to find the stories that the audience is interested in.

13. “Best practices for advertising on Facebook; mobile video right now.”

- Eric Fulwiler (Executive Director at VaynerMedia) on Native Facebook Advertising.

14. “We try to convince our customers that it will increase performance if we do native advertising the BILD way.”

- Robert Heesen, (then Head of BILD Brand Studio Consulting) on the importance of staying true to the editorial tone-of-voice when creating native advertising.

15. “If you know how to talk to the readers you will sell more”

- Maria Marteleur (Head of Native Advertising and Commercial Editor at Dagens Industri) on why tone of voice is key when talking to your readers.

Now you’ve heard from the best in the industry, and understand what it takes to create great native advertising. It’s time to go and apply the expert knowledge you’ve gained to see the success you deserve from your campaigns and gain an edge on your competition.

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Story by Jac Newis

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