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FUSE: A research method developed to make the best use of available data

We're highlighting the winners of the Native Advertising AWARDS 2022. This post features the Best Research Project.

  • Campaign: Fused Research in a Time of Data Confusion
  • Publisher/Agency: Hyper Buzzle / The Huddle Room, Philippines
  • Brand: Fused Research

It’s a familiar dilemma for agencies. How can you make sure that your advertising recommendations to clients are based on real data and evidence, not just hunches and educated guesses? 

The Philippine agencies Hyper Buzzle and The Huddle Room teamed up to take a hard look at what agencies can offer clients in a time when there is more available data than ever before. 

The result was a proprietary research model that they dubbed the FUSE method:

F: Filter first-party data and organise all quantitative, qualitative and third-party data to enable multiple source research data analysis. 

U: Unify aggregated data from collaborative syndicated research partners to validate first-party data results. 

S: Simulate the data findings and results to verify hypotheses, scientific hunches and even gut feelings. 

E: Evaluate and engage. Evaluate the findings based on set objectives and engage these findings into unique insights translated into effective executions. 

The FUSE method was put into practice for Huddle Room’s biggest client, San Miguel Brewing, and others.


The results were distributed via different agency initiatives, brand campaigns, new business pitches and acquisitions as well as identifying relevant touchpoints for brand target audiences such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, TV, radio, direct marketing efforts, B2B platforms, Spotify etc.


Six major research projects using the FUSED method were carried out online and via a hybrid online/face-to-face approach.  

Three waves of research were launched to gather insights on pre-pandemic vs. pandemic specific media behaviours, platform consumption and psychographic shifts. 

Hybrid research on concept testing during the pandemic delivered an average +25% ad lift recall scores for four major brands.

The research helped The Huddle Room and Hyper Buzzle win new accounts worth 367 million PHP, a 150% increase. 

The research also guided efficient budget allocation decisions across multimedia platforms. 

The FUSED research approach also helped identify four major thematic campaigns for 2021: consumer online listening, qualitative, quantitative and online sentiment analysis.


Gathering massive amounts of data is only helpful if you know what to do with it. User data is still a relatively new currency and agencies the world over are trying to figure out how to best leverage it to the benefit of their clients. While we will always think of ourselves as a creative industry that is able to come up with new and exciting ideas, the strategies that are based on evidence and data are likely to outperform those that are based on gut feelings.

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