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Daily Mail commercial editor: What brands need to know about native advertising

Jun 4, 2015

To most brands native advertising is still a relatively new concept that invites many questions. During May, Anne Shooter, commercial editor of Mail Online and, visited Australia to meet with potential advertisers and educate them on the concept of native advertising and the many different intricacys that brands need to prepare themselves for when navigating native advertising projects.

Mediaweek has an interesting write-up on Anne Shooter's Australian Tour and some of the insights she provided. Here are five pointers on what brands need to know about native advertising:

On the difference between advertorials and native advertising:

"The important thing is that when clients work with us they understand it is not advertorial. They have to take a bit of a leap of faith and let us come up with ideas of ways we can write engaging content that we know our readers will love and yet will also in some way promote their brand."

"That might not mean writing lots of lovely positive things directly about the brand. It is more likely to mean taking the brand values and finding things that align with the brand and writing about them. Readers don’t want heavy-handed sales copy, they want to be engaging with content. We can guarantee to clients they will have lots and lots of readers engaging with that content."

Why brands need native advertising to reach Millennials:

"I wouldn’t go so far as to say the banner is dead, but I definitely think that to engage with Millennials in particular you need ways to engage with people that aren’t going to interrupt their flow. In the same way that people can fast forward ads on the TV, they can filter out ads they don’t want to read. They might see them, but that doesn’t mean they are taking much notice of them."

What brands need to understand about native advertising as a PR move:

"They need to understand it isn’t advertorial and the differences are quite subtle. Advertorial has the sign off from the client and the content is completely controlled by the client. Native is about a collaboration between the client and us and ultimately we have the sign off for what appears on the website. The client collaborates the whole way through the process, but they do need to take a leap of faith and trust us we are going to represent their interest as well as possible."

What the consumers expect from native advertising:

"Readers also don’t want to be tricked or patronised. They want engaging, interesting content. Whether it is sponsored or not doesn’t seem to worry people. They just want to read good stories."

Which sectors work well for native advertising:

When asked about the sectors that work well for native, Shooter mentioned travel has been booming. "To a certain extent that content in newspapers has always been paid for. People have understood that journalists go on free holidays and write about them. It has almost always been native."

"Entertainment also works very well as do food, beauty and fashion"

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