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How BuzzFeed Created a Viral Native Ad Campaign on Facebook

Jul 4, 2017

This case study is part of a collection of award-winning native advertising examples studies from Native Advertising Awards presented by The Native Advertising Institute.

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BEST USE OF FACEBOOK // BRONZE Buzzfeed/ Moxie, Rachel Ray Nutrish

Moxie Facebook Award

BuzzFeed and Ainsworth Pet Nutrition’s agency Moxie were confident that the target consumer would engage with the video “Signs You’re A Cat Lady.” The video got millions of views and thousands of likes and comments while creating overwhelmingly positive sentiments with cat lovers. The campaign launched on July 1, 2016.

To create custom, audience-friendly and shareable content that resonates with cat parents, positioning Nutrish as the only option for pet-specialty quality cat food recipes.

Creative idea
In this scripted video, the cat lady hero demonstrates some highly specific, yet highly relatable, aspects of the Cat Lady life – from lint rollers to, of course, prioritizing her cat’s diet over her own.

Content created with the Nutrish voice and tone in mind, drawing special attention to causes that are dear to the Nutrish brand, like rescue and adoption awareness.

BuzzFeed and Moxie leant into BuzzFeed’s unique relationship with its audience and its known passion for cat-lovers to tap into the comical quirks of being a female cat owner with a video co-distributed on Facebook and YouTube called “Signs You’re a Cat Lady.”

Tapping into BuzzFeed’s iterative operating system, BuzzFeed and Moxie leveraged the previous lessons learned from the video “People Who Hate Cats Live with Cats for a Week.” This helped steer creative messaging that reinforced Nutrish’s value proposition for female cat owners. In addition, Moxie used Facebook to target specific female consumers who have engaged with BuzzFeed cat content, who are 30-54, are affluent, well-educated and influential to increase earned media and reach.

Size of team involved: 16-18

Platforms: Facebook and YouTube for custom video.

“Signs You’re A Cat Lady” tapped into platforms BuzzFeed and Moxie were confident the target consumer would engage with. Particularly effective on Facebook, viewers spent over 1 million minutes watching the Cat Lady Hero share those all too real moments that every cat owner experiences.

To help reach the most engaged audiences, while hitting Nutrish’s desired target, BuzzFeed published the video on YouTube and Facebook with additional distribution across other social platforms.

By leveraging BuzzFeed’s custom audience data on how female pet owners, 35-64, interact with and share previous cat content on BuzzFeed. com, they were able to achieve a social lift of 6x on Facebook. In other words, for every female cat owner within the target, there were six additional earned organic views attributed to sharing and engaging with the content through tagging other friends and cat lovers.

In total, the videos got over 4M views on Facebook and YouTube, over 19k likes, over a thousand comments with cat lovers tagging their friends, a positive sentiment of 99% and an overall completion rate of 95%. The shareability of the video overall lead to a sharing rate on Facebook of 6x earned views for every view paid.

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