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This Branded Video About Cyclists Will Wake up Your Inner Nordic Explorer

May 30, 2018

This is “NAIs pick” of the week. Every week we pick a powerful piece of native advertising that can serve as inspiration for the industry.

Stine Holmgaard
COO at Native Advertising Institute
Copenhagen, Denmark

Visit Norway has found a small gem of a storyline to unfold the brand story of Norway and it’s boundless possibilities to seek out self-fulfilment on two wheels.

The Visit Norway video follows members of the Copenhagen-based Rapha Cycling Club as they cycle their way through the trialling steep, winding mountain roads of Fjord Norway.

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This branded video has become “NAIs pick” of the week as it is remarkable and inspirational for three reasons.

1. First of all, the narrow and well-defined target group is in focus all the way through. It is all about cyclists. And it is a video made for cyclists. It is not aiming to be “everything for everyone”, but because the video is well-made, on-point and very high in quality, it attracts general admiration too.

2. The actual product here - Norway - is only the backdrop of the story. Norway permeates the video, but it is not the story nor the driver of the message. This is a brave move and shows how you can increase audience attention, even if the product is downplayed and the narrative is in focus.

3. The Visit Norway tagline “Powered by Nature” is visually evident throughout the video. The stunning scenery - Norway - underlines this message and the viewer gets sucked into the beautiful and dramatic landscapes. The video really makes the audience want to experience the country in real life.


Story by Stine Holmgaard

Stine Holmgaard is a former COO & Partner at the Native Advertising Institute. She initiated the Native Advertising DAYS conference in 2015. She is now the Head of Marketing for DK/BENELUX/DACH at Solita.

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