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A podcast designed for the family weekend sports run boosts the perception of a car brand

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  • Campaign: That’s Incredible
  • Brand: Subaru
  • Agency: Starcom and Mamamia, Australia

Subaru needed to elevate the perception in Australia that it was “a brand good for families”. So, it looked to provide an innovative shared content experience for young families that would re-frame and re-charge the brand image. 

But it also needed to deliver on its promise that “every moment is a chance to do”. How could it be true to its word while earning a place in a family’s busy life?

The Content

Subaru identified the weekend sports drop off and pick up as a key opportunity for a shared, branded experience for young families. Multiple short trips in the car to and from playing fields is an Australian family weekend tradition. But for all their efforts, parents rarely get little more than a grunt from the backseat.

Subaru realised it could do something about this; a win win for both kids and parents and a chance for families to do something together. In partnership with Australia’s leading women’s media brand, Mamamia, it made an on demand, bespoke podcast series. Mamamia is targeted at women with kids, so it was the perfect platform to reach mothers who drive their kids to sports.

The podcast series, “That’s Incredible”, consisted of stories to share with kids. Each episode took listeners on an adventure, exploring topics like the human body, sports, music, science, technology and space and using special sound effects to spark the imagination. They got to find out what it's like to travel to the moon, sing in front of the Queen and climb to the top of Mount Everest.

Each show included an interactive quiz to test how well the audience was paying attention and to spark some healthy competition between the adults and the kids. Each provided families the chance to connect over something interesting.


The podcast series was promoted and distributed through Mamamia's fully owned and operated podcast network and was available on all podcast apps. 

Mamamia started promoting the podcast two weeks before the first episode premiered. It used host recommendations, network ads, sample episodes dropped in the feeds of other podcasts, written editorial content, online video pre-roll social promotion and the social influence of talent, including the podcast host and the Mamamia co-founder. 

Subaru also promoted and distributed the series through its national dealer network and staff email signatures.

The Results

“That’s Incredible” was a great hit with the audience. Here are the results:

  • Total listens were 148% over the set audience goal, as of 31 July 2020
  • Subaru accumulated 335,400+ total listens that were continuing to grow
  • 4.5 stars on Apple Podcasts and regularly ranked number one in its family listening chart
  • 87% of listeners said the series was a great way for them to spend quality time with their kids
  • 93% of listeners said the series was a fun way to get both them and their children thinking

Importantly, the podcast series was a hit for the Subaru brand and met its objectives of lifting the key perception driver of being “a brand good for families”. Brand consideration went up by 31% and brand purchase intent grew by 23%.

And “That’s Incredible” is moving into a second round. Subaru is now commissioning Mamamia to make Season 2!

Take Note

Subaru aimed to create an experience for young families that they would associate with its brand. In collaboration with Mamama, it created an authentic podcast for Australian families to enjoy that succeeded in elevating its perception. How did it do this?

  • One of the major keys to succeeding in native advertising is the ability to insert a brand into people's lives in a non-intrusive way. Subaru, Mammamia and Starcom managed to do this by identifying a situation and a concept that fit perfectly together.
  • A podcast series has the ability to associate the content with the brand purpose - “That’s Incredible” provided value for families while managing to associate the content with Subaru’s brand purpose.
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