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Personalised animated videos strengthen brand loyalty for a Turkish software developer

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  • Campaign: Logo’s 36th Anniversary
  • Brand: Logo Yazılım
  • Agency: Koff Animation, Turkey

Turkish software developer Logo Yazilim was due to celebrate its 36th anniversary and wanted to strengthen its brand loyalty. It noticed, however, that research shows that emotional commitment to brands and reputations in the software industry is very poor. 

But rather than see this as a negative, Logo regarded the research results as a strategic development opportunity. It embarked on a mission to differentiate itself from other brands by increasing loyalty, using its 36th anniversary celebrations to do so.

The Content

To strengthen its brand loyalty, Logo created a campaign that emphasised its value, "We are Coding the Future Together". The campaign sought to highlight the commonalities between Logo and each customer, how each customer was a stakeholder in software development and how Logo and each customer have evolved together. 

To that end, the campaign was designed around personal marketing techniques. Every Logo customer received an email with a link to a personalised animated video that not only told the story of Logo's 36 years, but incorporated each customer’s individual data. 

In partnership with Koff Animation and third party software company, BeCloud, Logo integrated each customer’s product history and development data in the animated movie. The customer got to see its connection with Logo, their relationship over the past and details such as the customer’s first and current products and how many years they’d been working together with Logo. 

To support the concept visually, the campaign created special period designs for the years in which the story evolves. The movie opened with 1980s visuals to reflect Logo’s beginnings in 1984 and then moved through the 1990s and 2000s. The visuals helped to emphasise Logo’s transition over time, while showing its development and growth.


The personalised videos were distributed to all customers of Logo by email. 

A generic version of the video that contained no customer data was also published on Logo’s YouTube channel.

The Results

The personalised animations exceeded all benchmarks set for the campaign:

  • Follow-up rate of the video: 57%, benchmark 45% (Logo’s highest viewing figures, so far)
  • Average displays: 79%, benchmark 70% (average audience share in the Turkish software industry is 21%)
  • Mailing CTOR: 26%, benchmark 15% 

The purpose of Koff Animation’s campaign was to develop a personal one-to-one tie between Logo and each of its customers. The campaign succeeded in achieving this, with Logo receiving sincere and positive one-to-one feedback from its customers.

Take Note

Koff Animation’s personalised marketing strategy lifted Logo’s brand loyalty and showed that it creates value in its working relationships with its customers. How did it do this?

  • By solidifying a great relationship with its customers - creating personalised content is an excellent way of establishing or solidifying a great relationship with customers.
  • By producing truly personal content - however, producing truly personal content for each individual customer takes effort and a considerable knowledge of the customer.
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