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A popular influencer coins a new phrase and makes Swedes more eco-friendly

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  • Campaign: To Swan
  • Brand: Svanen
  • Agency: Aller Media Sweden

The Nordic countries’ official eco-label, Swan, needed to make it easier for consumers to find eco-friendly products. The label already enjoyed a high level of trust, but it wanted to find a creative way to get consumers to choose a Swan-labelled product when shopping.

How could it make the Nordic Swan Ecolabel top of mind for consumers and induce them to choose a sustainable lifestyle when buying?

The Content

Aller Media Sweden, production company NewNew and Nordic Swan Ecolabel decided to engage the TV presenter and influencer Brita Zackari for the campaign. Together with the popular personality, they created a new concept: ‘to swan’.

‘To swan’ is a fun and easy verb to express that you’ve made a sustainable choice for yourself and others. Whether it’s recycling, kids inheriting clothes or conserving household water - the campaign encouraged its audience ‘to swan it’.

Aller Media Sweden and Brita Zackari created a number of different content pieces. Blog posts for detailed storytelling, creative and playful videos to address the serious topic and Instagram for wide reach.

The content was produced using Brita Zackari’s personal style, humour and words to make it both credible and recognisable to her followers. It was extremely important that the content was relevant and valuable to its target audience. It needed to be time well-spent for anyone needing information on how to find environmentally friendly products.


To achieve the greatest possible reach, Aller Media Sweden used several different channels. Blog posts, videos, Instagram and outdoor advertising were all part of the effort to reach the widest audience possible.

The videos were published on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, an outdoor digital Adshel, Brita Zackari’s own channels and the website

The ads were also shown on outdoor escalators and Hemnet, Sweden's largest housing portal.

The Results

Nordic Swan Ecolabel conducted a survey following the campaign. Of the respondents:

  • 15% said that they learned the new expression ‘to swan’ from the campaign.
  • 33% stated they took the concept to heart and put it into effect in their everyday lives - showing the significant impact of both the word and the concept.
  • 48% of those who saw the campaign liked it ‘much’ or ‘very much’.
  • 42% perceived the message as living more sustainably.
  • 81% said they thought it was ‘clear’ or ‘very clear’ that Nordic Swan Ecolabel was behind the campaign - showing the high penetration rate of the message.

Following the campaign’s success, Nordic Swan Ecolabel decided to continue to collaborate with Brita Zackari.

Take Note

The successful use of an influencer for a campaign is as much a question of understanding the influencer’s audience and how the brand’s message aligns with the influencer’s style and tone as it is about the concept and the content.

Aller Media Sweden and Nordic Swan Ecolabel managed to find a great partner in Brita Zackari whose humor and personal style married perfectly with the intended purpose of the campaign.

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