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Real stories told by real people drives home a message about psychological partner violence

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  • Campaign: Det Kriminalpræventive Råd
  • Brand: Det Kriminalpræventive Råd  (The Crime Prevention Council)
  • Agency: TV 2 Branded Content and Drum CPH, Denmark

The Danish Crime Prevention Council (Det Kriminalpræventive Råd) wanted to bring awareness to psychological partner violence in that it is both unacceptable and illegal. It wanted to help people recognise it and show victims how to seek help and support.

The Council especially wanted to reach the group most subjected to this form of violence - women between the ages of 16-29 years. But how could it break the taboo around this unspoken topic and reach this otherwise difficult-to-reach audience?

The Content

The Danish Crime Prevention Council decided its campaign needed to be 360 in its approach. To help the target group, it needed to touch those women experiencing psychological violence in their relationships but who may not know it; the network around those women who could help identify the toxic and illegal behaviour; and the general public so that the topic would become easier to talk about. 

In partnership with TV 2 Branded Content and Drum CPH, it decided to make a series of short videos, featuring real people telling real stories of psychological violence they had experienced in their relationships. The video content was emotional and serious, conveying a wide variety of tones and people to both gain the audience’s respect and show this type of violence comes in many forms. 

The Council knew that to reach its target audience, it needed to create a presence on the platforms which its audience is mostly on. But it also knew that these platforms were predominantly social so it would have to cut through a significant amount of noise. In order to stand out and be remembered, the videos needed to catch the audience’s attention in a short space of time.

The 10 unique and short videos it created dealt with the theme from different perspectives: women suffering trauma and anxiety at the hands of controlling partners; children impacted by the effects of psychologically abusive relationships; a man suffering from his partner’s damaging behaviour. One of the videos even portrayed the stalker’s perspective, showing that perpetrators of this form of violence are in fact very ‘normal people’. 

To help its audience, some of the videos created by TV 2 Branded and Drum CPH focussed on the many ways in which people could seek help to leave toxic relationships.


TV2 Branded Content and the Danish Crime Prevention Council wanted to target a young audience and knew it could reach this audience through social media if the content was good enough.

It therefore chose TV 2 ECHO, one of Denmark’s strongest digital media platforms, as the primary platform for distribution. TV2 ECHO has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TV 2 Play and its videos reach 2 million people aged 20-30 every week. Distribution of the content through TV 2 ECHO’s platforms was not paid promotion but purely organic. 

The Danish Crime Prevention Council also shared the videos through its own platforms, as well as through a press release. This was taken up by national radio broadcasters, P3 and P4, and by national newspapers Jyllands Posten, Politiken and others.

The Results

The video content received wide views across all platforms. Here are the numbers:

  • Total views: 4,120,026
  • Watched on average: 41.6% of the way through, being high for social media (the videos were 2.39 minutes long, on average)
  • Total viewing time spent: 2,961,334 minutes (or 5.5 years!)

Key stakeholders such as Living Without Violence and the Danish Minister for Gender Equality also shared the videos and supported the message.

Most importantly, the Danish Crime Prevention Council received a 25% increase in inquiries after the campaign.

Take Note

The Danish Crime Prevention Council aimed to break the societal taboo around psychological partner violence so that victims would recognise it and find help to leave unhealthy relationships. Through its video campaign, it got the public talking about the issue and significantly more people reaching out to it. How did it manage it?

  • Using real people really hits home with the target audience. These are real people with real stories showing the real consequences of partner violence.
  • Using real people in native advertising is a fantastic way of increasing the credibility of the content as well as signalling that this content is to be trusted. A high level of identification is also achieved through real people, giving emotion and gravitas to a serious subject.
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