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8 Reasons to Attend Native Advertising DAYS 2019

Sep 23, 2019

The 2019 Native Advertising DAYS are rapidly approaching. Discover 8 reasons why you should attend, and be sure to hurry up an get your tickets.

Most of us can agree, attending conferences within your industry is a great idea on a number of levels. More than the takeaways you get from the speaking sessions themselves, you also get invaluable networking time, opening up the door for new business, new partnerships and new perspectives. Not to mention, making an appearance at events within your event is a great way to build credibility and perhaps even establish thought leadership.

When it comes to the native advertising sphere, Native Advertising DAYS is the only event you need to attend. More than just another industry event, DAYS is THE event for thought leaders and creative minds in publishing, brand marketing, and ad tech to join forces to get informed, but also to nurture and create connections with like-minded practitioners. The largest event of it’s kind, there are many reasons not to miss out on this year’s edition. Let’s take a closer look at the top 8:

Reason 1. Learn from an all-star lineup of speakers

This year’s Native Advertising DAYS already has a rock-solid lineup you won’t want to miss, and we’re still adding speakers every day. Speakers from The New York Times, YouTube, Facebook, The Times, Hearst, Bonnier, Schibsted, Storykit, Børsen, Brand Movers – and many more – have already committed to speaking at this year’s DAYS. Who wouldn’t want to learn from the best in the industry? 

Perhaps of even more value than watching these industry superstars speak during their sessions is getting the chance to mingle with them between sessions. So tap into their knowledge – both on and off the stage, bounce ideas off of them, tell them about your challenges, hear about theirs. Their experience can be your advantage

Stay up-to-date with the DAYS lineup here.

Reason 2. Increase your knowledge

Whether you’re just getting started with native advertising or you’re an industry veteran, there is absolutely always room to grow. Sometimes it’s just a matter of hearing a different perspective or tweaked approach. Native Advertising DAYS exists first and foremost to facilitate this idea exchange.

Whether you’re learning from inspiring keynote speakers, track sessions, workshops or simply from the audience’s questions and perspectives, you’re bound to learn a thing or two. This informational exchange is particularly crucial for a relatively nascent industry, such as native advertising, where buy-in is not yet a given and where definitions and best practice are not yet formalized.

Reason 3. Discover the disciplines that make up the industry

Native Advertising DAYS isn’t catered to one discipline alone, it’s geared toward the industry at large. That is, Native Advertising Days is a shared forum for the many disciplines that make up the industryfrom publishers, advertisers and the brands that commission them to the marketing technology companies that help facilitate the process and broker the partnership between brand and agency or brand and publisher.

There is a lot to be learned from other players in your industry, operating in a different discipline than you. For one, you can learn what’s of interest to those you do business with. In these instances, DAYS can act as a means to build shared language and understanding, making it easier for everyone to do their jobs well.

Reason 4. Networking opportunities

Above the great learnings, a key benefit to DAYS is definitely the opportunities for networking. Whether you’re getting the chance to put in face time with potential clients, partners or competitors, there’s certainly something to be said about getting out from behind your computer screen and speaking face-to-face with these people. In our increasingly digital world, a little face-to-face interaction goes a long way in building trust. One in-person interaction, for example, may be just what it takes to win the business of the client you’ve been emailing back and forth with forever.

We understand the tremendous value that industry events hold for networking, that’s why native Native Advertising DAYS is designed to facilitate these opportunities. We’ve actually built a community around the event, offering a networking gift that keeps on giving. If we’re being honest, one of the main reasons our conference attendees keep coming back, year after year, is the special DAYS community feeling. 

Predictive analytics is a form of advanced analytics that examines data or content to answer the question “What is going to happen?”- or more precisely – “What is likely to happen?” (Gartner, N.D)

In this article, we’ll discuss the concept and promise predictive analytics holds for native advertising. Then, we’ll show you a real-life example of how predictive analytics is being leveraged today, through a closer look at retail brand Footasylum and their work with the digital marketing agency RedEye. Lastly, we’ll look at future applications of predictive analytics and its potential for reshaping the entire marketing industry.

Reason 5. Tons of content possibilities

Being in the business of content, it’s hard to ignore the content opportunities that attending Native Advertising DAYS can provide. Here are just a few:

• Cover the event live via SoMe posts: Photo ops are great for Instagram and Facebook, making your presence at the event known and associating your brand with the event and thought leadership in general. Twitter is a great place to quote some of the speakers you’ve heard. Make sure to use the event-specific hashtag, this is a great way to make sure you get more eyes on what you put out there from other event-goers and their network. Just check out last year’s Twitter coverage of #NativeDAYS18.

• Get great video footage: industry events are a great place to get evergreen video footage—from live-streaming and interviews to simply capturing high-energy moments or getting great B-roll, no question, these events are great for video footage, just be sure you have the proper permissions to film!

• Create follow-up blog posts and articles: Another way to repurpose your conference experience into content is through blog posts after the event. There is no shortage of opportunities. You can highlight the best moments from a particular speaker or summarise the takeaways of the event, in general.

One thing is for certain, you won’t leave Native Advertising DAYS without tons of content opportunities. One piece of advice, though, create a content plan before the conference begins. Take a peek at the event agendasee which events would make for good content and plan your conference experience accordingly.

Reason 6. Get Inspired and motivated

Let’s face it, being in the office week in and week out isn’t exactly good for motivation and creativity. It’s important to step out of this mold now and again. You and your employees need to get inspired and get the creative juices flowing.

There are always different experiences that conference attendees get energized by. For some, it’s inspiring sessions and keynotes. For others, it’s the palpable energy of the event.

At Native Advertising DAYS, we try to encourage these inspiration-worthy moments, by facilitating different session formats, such as workshops that allow for greater audience participation and engagement. You won’t experience a slow and painful death by means of bullet point and tedious graphs, our goal is to open up a dialogue and get the industry talking. That’s why we have a strict ‘No Sales Pitching’ policy on all our stages, and in the spirit of true native, all speakers have been told to practice what they preach and to tailor their presentations to be non-disruptive (and boring), but plentiful in strategic insights. Our mantra is RELEVANCY, RELEVANCY, RELEVANCY.


When you return to the office, sometimes there can be a dip in energy and it can be difficult to determine how to put all your great learnings into practice, we suggest taking the time within your organization to debrief on learnings, create a list of takeaways and make an actionable game-plan on how you can put those learnings into play.

7. Build brand awareness

By simply being – or having employees present – at industry events, you’re ensuring that your company is out there being seen. In other words, participating in industry events builds brand awareness. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the native advertising or branded content world, then it’s definitely a good idea to have your company represented at DAYS.

Keep in mind, though, the impression your company makes at an event like DAYS is critical. While it may seem inconsequential, giving off the wrong impression at an industry event can – at best – make you forgettable and lead to little return. At worst – it may even lead to severed business agreements and actually contribute to hurting your brand. A word of advice, put some thought into the way you and your employees present themselves at DAYS. Be sure that the message you send aligns with your brand identity and the way you wish your company to be perceived.

Reason 8. Get a firsthand look at the year’s best cases of native advertising

Each year, as part of the Native Advertising DAYS, we hold the annual Native Advertising Awards ceremony. The Native Advertising Awards aim to acknowledge and reward the greatest players in our field. Awards are given across 35 different categories, fitting into the themes: organization, strategy, channels, and format.

We wish to promote inspiring, effective and creative work that helps organizations worldwide tell great brand stories in a non-disruptive way. We honor both print and digital campaigns and we are proud to be the largest international award program dedicated to native advertising.

The winners, selected by a jury comprised of 30+ industry experts, are acknowledged at a dedicated award ceremony, which takes place as part of Native Advertising DAYS. Trust us, this is not something you want to miss out on.

Story by Jenna Mescon

Jenna Mescon is a former editor at Native Advertising Institute who is now a campaign and content lead at Novo Nordisk.

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