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7 Reasons You Can’t Miss Native Advertising DAYS 2016

1. +30 cool and dedicated speakers 

Who wouldn’t want to learn from the pros? For two days speakers representing essential players in the industry such as VISA, Google, Linkedin, New York Times, Adyoulike, BurdaForward, C3 and many more will provide you with their latest insights, research and opinions on native advertising at Native Advertising DAYS 2016. In need of some new inspiration for the year 2017? Just listen and you will soon rule the world of native advertising. Meet them here.

2. Meet the experts and influencers who matter in native advertising

Native Advertising DAYS is THE place to fill up your rollerdex with people who share your interests; making native advertising the greatest marketing tool right now. You will learn from the best and you will inspire them in return.

3. Turn your challenges into solutions at Native Advertising DAYS

Instead of just talking about our pains and shortcomings let’s see if we can find and share actionable solutions with each other at our pain point tables. One table, one topic, one anchorman and you will walk away with new ways to turn your challenges into solutions.

4. Pick and choose between your interests

You might be a publisher, but why not take the opportunity to learn what makes the brands tick when it comes to native advertising and vice versa? Publishers and brands definitely have a shared interest in making native advertising as good as it can get. That’s why you can join the Publisher’s Corner and our Brand Camp and be inspired by case studies and best practices from representatives from global media groups, publishers, programmatic agencies, native advertising consultants and various brands.

5. Cases

We all desperately seek new inspiration. We all want to see what the others are doing in native advertising and how they succeed. Native Advertising DAYS is your chance to do native advertising better and bigger by learning from the best and being introduced to the people behind some of the most compelling - and profitable - native advertising out there.

6. Be there when it happens

We like new things, but most of all we love good native advertising. Presenting Native Advertising Awards is a part of our conference this year where we wish to celebrate the greatest cases of native advertising in various categories. Be the first to know the winners from all over the world. Get ready to applaud and be inspired!

7. Hang out with the most interesting people in the business

Everybody knows that the best deals and connections are made when the lights are low and we kick back with beers and bad jokes. That’s why you should attend our pre-event reception and other cool networking activities.

Luckily it’s not too late! Join us for Native Advertising DAYS 2016 at The Estrel Berlin on November 16th-17th 

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photo credit: Jarle Naustvik

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