6 Challenges for Native Advertising in 2017

Dec 5, 2016

By Tim Cain 
Founder of Digital First Media

Native advertising is in the ascendancy, Condé Nast have revealed that Native accounts for half their digital advertising revenues, for some publishers it’s even higher. Research this year by Native Advertising Institute with trade associations INMA and FIPP showed both news and magazine publishers predicting substantial growth in native ad revenues over the period 2015-2018.

So what will ensure this rapid trajectory of growth can continue unabated? It isn’t a given of course, and there are a number of challenges that need to be resolved to ensure growth hits or beats those predictions. I’d like to set out those challenges and suggest that focus in these areas is crucial to the continued success of Native growth. 

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6 Challenges for Native Advertising in 2017

1. Create good content – easier said than done, finding engaging and fresh ideas that will really engage audiences, and working with the right partners in-house or externally

2. Collaborate and integrate with editorial teams – publishers have the assets for great content in their editorial teams, how can that be tapped for input and ideation and even creation of Native content?

3. Reach and target – ensuring that content reaches it’s intended audience and is amplified effectively through social media, allocating resource to distribution as well as production

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4. Focus on strategic storytelling – Native should not be short term advertising, but more about relationship building for greater top of the funnel impact, of course good Native can have impact through the funnel too

5. Make it short, visual and sharable – attention spans are brief, messaging needs to respond and acknowledge the power of video and visual delivery, especially to achieve greater sharing of content by consumers

6. Measure – perhaps the hardest challenge is measuring effectively the impact of Native and ensuring that Native is sustainable with higher renewal rates, moving to an engagement model around interaction and action and less emphasis on straight CTR

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I’m sure there are many other challenges that could be added to the list, but I would suggest those above are essential issues to consider, and then tackle the details that exist within and in addition of course. None are new issues, but ticking the boxes might provide a reasonable framework for building successful outcomes.

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Photo credit: Lou Levit/Unsplash

Story by Tim Cain

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