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10 Key Take-Outs for Native Advertising Success

Nov 21, 2016

By Tim Cain 
Founder of Digital First Media

Native Advertising Days 2016 in Berlin brought together the world’s leading experts in native advertising, sharing their wisdom and inspiring the audience to embrace the opportunity it creates.

Here are my Ten key take-outs for successful Native Advertising, not in any particular order, and with thanks to those who inspired the insight. Would you agree?

Ten key take-outs for successful Native Advertising

1. Targeting – be specific, if you target everyone you’re targeting no-one! Wise advice from @lieblink

2. Embrace platforms – consumers don’t just consume content on your site, reach into their lives and deliver your message where they spend arguably the most time online @EFulwiler

3. Inspire with creativity – good content needs to stand out, redefine consumer expectations, embrace new technologies like VR @pacotacomike

4. Start with mobile – it’s the primary source of consumption, it should be the start point for content creation and creativity and adapt for other devices not the other way round!

5. Extend the life of content - re-purpose content like leftover turkey! @lieblink and @JasonMillerCA

6. Maximise the value of your editorial resource – no-one knows their audience as well as your journalists so include them in ideation, and even delivery, but agree the rules of do’s and don’ts @DennisUK

7. Measure – When you can measure everything make sure you measure the right things @clareob. The biggest influencer on renewals is client experience and CPV is the new currency @tomjenen

8. Disclose and label – be clear that content is commercial, consumers expect clarity, they don’t want to be duped, the native content should be every bit as good as core editorial content, and being that good the label should be a badge of pride @dominikgrau. Publishers need to educate brands that audiences don’t react against labelling @adyoulike

9. Have confidence with clients - don’t just do what they ask for, who has the expertise in creating quality content for audiences? Make commercial content as good or better than editorial content @DennisUK. A useful maxim from @dominikgrau is smart marketing is about help not hype

10. Stand out – make it short, visual and sharable. Attention spans are shrinking and video especially is more appealing. People want a thrill, people want a spectacle and people love to be entertained @JasonMillerCA

Native is big now but it’s going to account for a major share of all advertising revenue in the coming years, I’m looking forward to seeing a creative evolution!

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Photo credit: Clemens Dörr/TV United

Story by Tim Cain

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